ZX Financial Power Hour

A huge thank you to Bro. Anthony Wright for presenting the room with a wealth of knowledge this morning at the ZX Financial Power Hour - a FREE four part wealth building series brought to you by the Zeta Chi 1954 Education & Benevolent Foundation, Inc. 


All in attendance this morning were fully appreciative and are now equipped with the 4 Keys and 10 Steps to achieving financial wealth. With Session 1 now in the books, we look forward to the remaining 3 Sessions of the 2022 ZX Financial Power Hour Series (Life Insurance, Tax Preparation, and Estate Planning). 

Please be sure to RSVP to attend any of the remaining sessions at: ZX1954FOUNDATION@GMAIL.COM. Again, thank you for providing us with the Keys and Steps to building financial wealth Bro. Anthony Wright. We look forward with excitement to hearing from the remaining presenters of the 2022 ZX Financial Power Hour Series.